Sealtabs is a web based application designed and developed to support educational institutions. It is used to monitor and nurture students to provide a superior class of education. Sealtabs also provides support function to various administrative activities performed by the institution.
This application has been primarily designed as a Performance Management Application to provide a clear interpretation of Student's academic performances. Where it helps the educators and individuals to understand their strengths and potential areas of improvement. Secondly, the application is designed and developed in a manner to accommodate the institution's various administrative activities, wherein a lot of man hours are spent in handling papers and prints to finally provide instant reports (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually). SEALTABS can also take customization requirements if required by the institution. Most of all, we at Sealtabs are doing our part to reduce the usage of paper & print in various activities in all the institutions. Keeping the culture and foundation of institution intact, we provide an immediate implementation plan to reduce their carbon foot print.

Increases time availability for teachers in core education activities

Gives easy solutions for administrative activities of teacher helping them concentrate on core activities of educating students.

Reduces time involved in manual data entry and maintenance

Easy user interface for quick entry of student details like marks attendance and fees to help administration of the institute.

Instant Information access round the clock

The web based tool gives a platform for round the clock and on the go access to the information.

Provides an Eco-Friendly environment for the institution

Reduces paperwork drastically on maintaining records since all the information will be available on the tool at any give point of time.

Better Interaction solutions for students, teachers and parents

Provides a healthy environment for constructive discussions between student and teachers and parent and teachers for betterment of kid.

Easy solutions for complicated work done on paper

Automatic report generation reduces complications for calculations done manually.

Data retrieval is made simple through Sealtabs

Data retrieval is made simple through Sealtabs as reports are customized as per institution's requirements. We understand the induviduality of each institution and provide customized tool as per their working of the institute by providing customized reports as per the requirement.

Student Performance

Our tool manages and controls the entire data flow of individual students which includes student marks, student attendance, basic student details. Once the above details are fed into the tool by the respective teachers, the report cards and the other required reports for the school are automatically generated for each individual which can be printed directly from the tool or saved as an excel sheet for your future references.

Administration Activity

Tool incorporates the administrative functionalities of your school which includes a simplified and user-friendly accounting structure, datamanagement facilities and even the fees of the students which is customized for each school.

Overall Performance

Overall performance of the school. The management of the school can keep tabs on the school's overall performance in various activities such as education, co-curricular activities, sports etc. To get a better understanding on the growth of the school through various interpreted graphs provided by us.

Leave Management System

We help the administration also manage their faculty through features like leave management system where the management can approve or deny leaves applied by their faculty. The tool also generates reports based on the leave records.

Event Calendar

We help you manage your time through a well defined calendar which alerts you on your personal and school event and even maintains the lesson plan of each class.

Topic Library

We help the school keep a library of all the topics taught for each class. The topic relevant docs can be uploaded and schedules maintained which can be accessed by the students at any time and have discussion forums for each topic for better understanding.

Events and News Updates

The management can constantly put up school news and events which is sent as alerts to all the students and staffs to keep them update.

Sealtabs Analysis

We give graphical representation and indicators for students based on past records of the student considering various aspects from education to co-curricular activities and health.

Study and Incorporation

Study and incorporation of process flow and current structure of institution.

Customization of the application

The application is customized according to the institutions requirements.

Creation of Student Database

The present student data/information is formatted and uploaded in the application, which is provided by the institution.

Creation of Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff Database

The basic information of the staff is collected by the sealtabs team and is formatted to be uploaded in the system.

Mapping of students, teachers and their respective classes

The student and teacher's are mapped to their respective classes and the teachers are given the authority of their respective classes.

Testing of Sealtabs

The application is tested after data is been uploaded to insure standard functionality of the application.

Report Generation (MIS system)

Sealtabs provide various reports of all activities performed in the application to make sure that every activity has an end result.

Training to Teachers

Individual and group training sessions is conducted by the sealtabs team for all Teachers'. The training is based on academic usage of the application.

Non-Teaching Staff (Admin)

Training session for admin users is conducted separately as their access authorities and features differ from the other users.

Students and Parents

Parents and students get the same access limits in the application, so a training session is conducted for them to make them aware of the features and benefits of Sealtabs.

Sealtabs Go-Live

The Go-Live phase is the final implementation phase of the application, where all the users are given their respective ID's and Passwords.